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Update on John Stumbo (Salem Alliance Church)

Here is the latest update on our beloved pastor at Salem Alliance Church:

As we announced at our services this past weekend, John was discharged from the Rehab Center on Saturday, January 24th and is now home for the first time in over two months! God has answered your prayers in so many ways as John’s life has been spared and as he continues the long journey of recovery. Obviously God can heal John instantaneously at any point along the way, but so far God has chosen instead for John’s recovery to take a slower, steadier course. But even that is a gift from God for which we give Him praise.

John is receiving home health nursing assistance several times a week, but will not start outpatient physical therapy until he gets a bit stronger. In the mean time he does work on a variety of exercises at home. On their way home from the Rehab Center after John was discharged last Saturday, they (John, Joanna & Drew) stopped at a local sporting goods store to buy some weights for John to use at home. While they were there they ran into a Salem Alliance Church family and had a tearful reunion. For those of you that live in the Salem/Keizer area be on the lookout as you, too, may have a John sighting when you least expect it. To help you be on the watch for John in his wheelchair or walker, we will be adding a photo with this update that was taken last week when our Pastoral Management Team met with John and Joanna while he was still in the Rehab Center.

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Dale’s Photo Gallery Is Now On Picasa!

I just posted a ton of photos on Picasa, come and view my new gallery of photos from travels across the country. You can view my gallery at


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Weekend in Williamsburg, VA

Once again I report “Where in the World Is Dale” — this past few days I’ve been away on a part business trip to Richmond, VA and part pleasure trip  to Williamsburg and Jamestown, VA. Friday was spent conducting board business for CMCN. Today, Saturday was spent leisurelyin Colonial Williamsburg, VA with a side trip to Jamestown. Historic, Colonial Williamsburg was incredible! The historic section of the town has been restored and gives you a feel for what life was like in Colonial times. History comes alive with shop owners dressed in authentic clothing, reminiscent of the times. The shops, both in the historial section and in “Merchant Square”, offered items that gave you a feel for early days of our country. I ask myself, what would these people think of how our country has moved forward. Technology, politically, etc….would they be ashamed, or would they be please with the way in which we’ve taken care of  the United States of America? It’s hard to tell.

I will be posting photos of my most recent jaunt! Stay tuned!


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Take the 50 Million Pound Challenge!

If you haven’t seen the television ad for “The 50 Million Pound Challenge”, sponsored by State logo_50million_lbsFarm Insurance, this is a great help for weight loss! Last year I joined an “At Work”  group of Weight Watchers, and have slowly been taking off pounds, feeling better, and living healthier!

Joining THE 50 MILLION POUND CHALLENGE means becoming part of something exciting, life-altering, historic, and tremendously beneficial! Not only for you, but to others in your family and community, as well as to future generations.

Why Join?
Participating in The Challenge is not just about shedding those extra pounds — though that is critical to your health and well-being.
It’s about all of us coming together and looking out for each other as we work to take more control of our lives. It’s about taking the time to reach out and lock hands as we join forces to fight the very real risk that being overweight poses to ourselves, our families, and our community.

Check this new web site out and get started on your weight loss!


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Another Update on Pastor John Stumbo from Salem Alliance Church

Here is an update from Salem Alliance Church on our beloved pastor, John Stumbo. The entire church family, staff and John’s family are so appreciative of the many prayers!

Friday, January 16, 2009 / 2:00 p.m.

As Pastor John wraps up his ninth day at the rehab center, he continues to make slow, steady progress in a couple of areas.

His voice continues to get stronger as the tracheotomy hole heals (closes) and as he gains strength back in his upper chest which helps to push air through his voice box appropriately as he speaks. Joanna said the doctors described the healing process of the trach hole as something similar to getting your ears pierced, but not putting any earrings in. Eventually the hole closes over and heals completely. That’s what is happening as the trach hole heals.

John has been walking with his walker without any assistance. When I saw John last Sunday afternoon, he walked about 150 feet down to a lounge using his walker without assistance and then when our visit was over he walked back 150 feet using his walker again without assistance. It was great to see him up and moving again on his own!

In addition to the most recent prayer requests, here are two that need your continued focus:

1) His swallowing function still has not fully returned. They are having him do specific facial exercises to loosen up his swallowing muscles. Since there are 40 different muscles involved in swallowing it sometimes takes time for those fully return to normal. Pray that his swallowing muscles would regain enough strength for him to swallow again soon.

2) John indicated this week that his glands (salivary, pituitary, etc.) are not working normally. Pray that his glands would return to normal function.

3) As John finishes up his third month since his illness started, pray that God would continue to give him encouragement and hope. While we are excited about where he is at physically today compared to a month ago, for the person living the slow recovery like John it often seems glacially slow. Pray that John would stay encouraged by the regular progress he is making, however small.

As John continues to fully transition over to the road of healing and recovery, the news on John will likely be less frequent as the changes are smaller. We’ll continue to update you on news of significance and try to post at least a weekly update. Since John’s full recovery is likely going to take many months, we ask that you continue to support him and Joanna and the family in prayer during the long healing process even when there isn’t a lot of new information.

John and Joanna are so appreciative of your love and support for them during this time. They have felt your prayers and your cards and notes have touched their hearts. Thank you!

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Travel Info Web Sites

42-19063548Hey folks, if you travel a lot, like I seem to, here are some web sites I just stumbled upon. Check them out and see for yourself. I’ve used several of these, and really like “” and These give you useful information prior to finalizing travel arrangements.
When is the best time to buy that airline ticket? predicts whether fares between specific cities will rise or fall in the near future.
This site will track prices on your selected flights and send you an e-mail when they fall.
When you’re ready to purchase that ticket, go to SeatGuru, which will help you pick the best seat on the plane.
This site covers 250,000 destinations, mostly in Europe. It features content pulled from Wikipeda and YouTube.
For user-generated reviews, this is one of the best sites for food and lodging picks around the 42-18132347 world. You get actual reviews from folks who have experienced the restaurants and/or hotels. I’ve checked it out when I was unsure about a specific hotel — after reading the reviews, I changed my reservation! and
Both sites churn out great recommendations geared to your interests.
This site has a ton of lists and deep archives.
This is the of the hotel industry, with reviews and  gossip, plus lists.
This site rates hotels and recommends the best rooms at each in terms of size, views, etc.
This site collects user-generated hotel recommendations and searches more that  30 booking sites for the best deals.

The world’s largest choice of Airline and Airport reviews for over 620 airlines and 645 airports. Flight reviews, lounge Reviews, seat reviews … and much more, including the Official Airline Star Ranking guide.

This fun and informative site is all about tracking flights in the United States and gives you many ways to track both private and commercial flights. There is no more escaping the watchful eye of someone when you are in the  sky! This site tracks the progress of a flight once it takes off and keeps track of planes scheduled to depart, waiting to ascend into the sky. There are many ways to find flights; by airport code, state, flight number and flight/tail number. Or, if you want to spot planes in an area you can do that as well. Ever wonder what kind of plane that was that just flew overhead? Let figure it out! Other cool features are a filter to narrow flights at an airport by an airline, see which flights are on delayed status and the ability to track by heliports. was launched in 2006 with the mission to be a ‘one stop shop’ for information relating to all facets of commercial air travel. It offers the most accurate information possible all the time, every time, and to present that information in a simple, user-friendly format. The team ranges from million mile fliers, industry experts, to casual airline enthusiasts, and with easy to use information. You can contribute to the world’s largest database of commercial airline knowledge, too!

Skytrax recommend this Foreign Exchange Currency Converter – a multi-lingual Currency Converter with up to date exchange rates for 164 currencies. offers the latest travel retail news, events listings, industry comment and access to fortnightly magazine Duty-Free News International. It’s a great site for research and keeping up- to-date with the industry.

The global site that focuses on “premium” airline seats – for passengers, airlines and suppliers alike. Customer reviews of airline seats – results of seat Surveys and seat Tests. check out the comfort of seats, find out which airlines offer lie-flat seats, and much more.

The worlds largest Passenger Survey of airport standards. Your opportunity to enter the current on-line Survey, with the chance of winning a laptop!

If you are trying to choose a top quality airline for your next trip, why not check out which airlines were the winners at this year’s World Airline Awards ? With millions of passengers across the globe voting for these Awards, this site gives real guidance on just who is best.

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Join Me at Facebook!

facebook_logoHello friends and others that find me via my Blog! I just reactivated my Facebook page. Come visit me at Facebook sometime soon! It’s amazing who has come out of the woodwork as a Facebook Friend!


UPDATE! I was able to connect my WordPress Blog with my Facebook account! Whoo Hoo! Now, when you visit my Facebook account you  can see what I’ve posted on my Blog! How cool is that folks! Isn’t technology awesome!

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