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Scottsdale, AZ – Day 5, Life of A Desert Dude

Well the time has come to pack up and head on out! I feel much like a cowboy, headin’ on home! Desert living is very different from the Northwest. You don’t wake up and get out of bed at 7 a.m. to nearly 90 degree weather in the Northwest –  that is very rare! And, you don’t have days upon days of 100+ degree weather. I love coming to the desert for a week R&R – it’s refreshing to see something different and explore new places (new shopping haunts!!) and meet new people. I’m already scoping out a fall location!

Today will be one last photo op around Scottsdale, via the free trolley service or walking. There’s a few more photos I want to add to my on-line web album. I have a late check-out at the hotel, and a 2:00 pm SuperShuttle pick-up for the airport. This should give me more than enough time to see what I need to see! I’ve even managed to get in some work for a CMCN (Church Ministry Conventions Network) board meeting this fall. So far it looks like the Minneapolis/St. Paul area will be the location of our fall board meeting. I still have a lot of work to do on this meeting, and it feels overwhelming at times, but when it is your passion (this is an entire post I could do, and plan to sometime) it happens!



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Scottsdale, AZ – Day 4, Life of A Desert Dude

It’s day four of vacation in sunny, warm, hot Scottsdale! I think the temperature was to reach 106 today! Yikes, that’s hot but it felt good this morning by the pool with my book and MP3 player. Later it was over to the very larger Borders Books to snoop around and just hang out. Before heading back to the hotel I made a “quick” stop, okay a couple of hours, at the Scottsdale Fashion Square. It paid off as I found a nice summer shirt that was nearly 80% off regular price!

Later in the day I headed over, via the free Scottsdale Trolley, to the arts district and poked my nose in a few galleries, and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Just slipping in to a cool building for a half hour or so was refreshing.

By late afternoon I needed a treat so it was off to Gelato Stop, just a couple blocks from the hotel. Oh, freshly made gelato is soooo good! If you haven’t tried it, you need to find a gelato place and give it a taste.

The rest of the evening is going to be spent chilling out at the hotel, and getting ready to leave tomorrow. I have done the on-line check-in with Delta, so I’m pretty much set to depart Monday afternoon! I’m going to do a quick photo blitz in the morning for some additional photos of Scottsdale.

Dale (aka “Desert Dude”)


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Scottsdale, AZ – Day 3, Life of A Desert Dude

Desert Botanical GardenAnother day in the desert, and temperature swelling into the 100 degree point! I love it — yes it’s hot but it feels good. Today I headed out to the Desert Botanical Gardens, where by its name, is in the desert. It was fascinating to view the variety of desert plants, and take in the views. One could hear the sounds of birds, or perhaps desert critters, as you walked the grounds.

I’ve upload nearly 70 photos to my Picasa account and you can view them at the following link:

Two more days in Scottsdale, and I’m not sure what my next adventure will be! Maybe a quick trip over to the shopping mall where it’s cool. Or, a stop at “Gelato Spot” for a quick and cool refreshment! We’ll see. Stay tuned for further adventures of the Desert Dude!




Scottsdale, AZ – Day 2, Life of the Desert Dude – part 2

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for Day 3!! Day 2, part 2 has been fun, exploring the many unique shops and galleries in Old Town and in the arts/crafts section of downtown Scottsdale. Even a trip over to the Scottsdale Fashion Square (a huge indoor mall with close to 200 stores — Dillard’s, Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, plus hundreds of small shops). The coolness of the a/c felt good, until I came out of the mall and headed to a very large Border’s! Heading back to the hotel I discovered the great gelato shop I found last year, and that meant a gelato stop! 3 scoops for me, and we’ll just have to deal with how many Weight Watcher points that is later. Besides, I walked a lot today and worked out on the treadmill so I’ve earned at least 2 activity points!

Tomorrow is a trip over to the Desert Botanical Garden and a lot of photos!! Stay tuned for more of the “Life of the Desert Dude”!




God Doesn’t Take a Vacation!

It has been a terrific morning – hot and in the 90’s. Being poolside with the USA Today, a good book, Scottsdale attraction Chris Tomlin - "Arriving"brochures and my MP3 player, it was not only a time to read and be filled with information, but a wonderful time to worship God. My MP3 player is loaded with Chris Tomlin albums. As I was listening to the words of his powerful songs, I realized God doesn’t take a vacation! What an ideal time to just worship God for His constant and everlasting love – right outside by the pool! There were two songs that I have come to love – “Everlasting God”, and “Let God Arise”. It was uplifting to let God’s presence come over me! Our God is powerful, is everlasting, is forgiving, full of grace!

Now I need to go find the fitness center and work on physical fitness!

Psalm 37:4


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Scottsdale, AZ – Day 2, Life of the Desert Dude

Scottsdale, AZWell, it finally arrived, my vacation! This year I decided to head back to Scottsdale, AZ, in June! Yes, it’s hot but I love this type of weather. A smooth and quick flight from PDX into Phoenix, and off via SuperShuttle to the hotel. Settled in and ready to just kick back, it was time to get something for dinner. A walk over the Scottsdale Fashion Square food court provide a quick fix.

Today, Friday, I want to get some sun out by the pool and catch up on some long overdue reading! Then, take in the many unique shops and stores in Old Town Scottsdale. The Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale Old Town, where I’m staying, is centrally located to many attractions, museums, shops, galleries, etc. Tomorrow I plan to head over to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden and capture photos. I’ll get them uploaded to this Blog or to my Picasa Web Gallery.

Temperature today in Phoenix/Scottsdale: 103-106!!!

Dale (aka “Desert Dude”)


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“Whoo Hoo” Moments!

42-20084898We’ve all had those moments in our life when we’ve said “whoo-hoo”, for what ever reason. Something great and good happened to us, a friend, or a family member. Today was one of those days when you want to just say “whoo hoo” — life is good! This morning I saw my doctor for a routine six-month check. Taking cholesterol medicine means checking many blood and liver functions! The first whoo-hoo was my cholesterol levels have come down – considerably! Other blood tests were outstanding too! And, Dr. V reminded me of how much I weighed a year ago, and where I was today. A big whoo-hoo! Weight Watchers IS working, along with the fitness center workouts! Tonight at the fitness center was a great workout. I’m encouraged with the results. The other woo-hoo was weigh-in at the Weight Watchers meeting. One more pound gone! I know, it’s slow but I’m loosing the pounds!

Sunday was one of those “whoo-hoo” moments too. Pastor Steve Fowler spoke and taught us from the book of Ephesians. The sermon was outstanding as usual; but, there were two — yes two “whoo-hoo” moments in the service. Pastor Steve shared with us about praying for a classmate of his son who has Crones Disease. This young man was scheduled to have fairly radical surgery. Pastor Steve came to a gathering of teens where this young man was, along with his son. Pastor Steve was asked to pray for the accountability group his son is part of. He prayed specifically for healing from God for this young man with Crones Disease. At the hospital and through the rigorous tests, the medical team discovered the disease in the young man wasn’t there! God had healed this young man. The seriousness of the situation had been removed! God’s miracle once again!

The second “whoo-hoo” moment was Logan sharing the experience of becoming a father for the first time nearly two weeks ago. His son had some medical complications which required attention at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. This young couple were given two options, with one much more invasive and intense, vs. a short, 20-minute procedure. The medial team advised of the more invasive and serious operation. Logan shared that he and his wife, at OHSU, prayed that God would just take care of this situation. Once the baby was taken into the operating room, and again tests done, etc…the medical team came out and said the more serious option is not needed. We can fix the problem in about 20 minutes! Again, God touched this precious new life!

Miracles happen today, sometimes we just don’t see them or acknowledge that one has occurred. My heart cries out the scriptures from the Old Testament book of Isaiah — “strength will rise, as we wait upon the Lord”. As we wait upon the Lord, our strength increases. We learn what patience is, and what “in His time” means. God isn’t on a rigorous schedule. He takes His time. He desires we take our time and spend time with Him.

I hope you have a “whoo-hoo” moment this week! I know I’ve been blessed by my “whoo-hoo” moments this week! Life is Good when You Know God!

Psalms 37:4

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