Life in the Desert…From the “Desert Dude”

11 Oct

phoenixWell here I am again, in the desert, in Phoenix, AZ having fun in the sun! People have asked me why I go to Phoenix so often? The main reason is the weather — warm, sun-filled skies, and just being in the desert is fun. The very first time to Arizona was a meeting planner familiarization or “fam”  trip to Tuscon. We were able to see various areas in and around Tuscon, and it was then I knew I had to come back. What draws me back is the sun and great weather.

This trip is just a pleasure trip, to get in some sun and fun before the fall and winter weather comes to the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I love living in Oregon, but; the rains and cold wintery weather can be a bit too much at times!

There is a lot to see and do in the Phoenix area.  If you’ve never been here and need a get-a-way, I highly recommend the area. Scottsdale is a great place, along with Phoenix. The new “Metro Light Rail” gets you around much of central Phoenix, and takes you out east to Mesa, with a transit station in Tempe.

As always, I hate leaving this area when I know I have to return home. It’s always fun to get away and explore other cities, but it is good to be back home too!

The Desert Dude (aka Dale)


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