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Grief is not a speed sport!

“Grief is not a speed sport. Grief must be allowed to wander around the mysterious shafts and canyons of our heart. It’s trek is usually best taken in the dark. But in time, the human heart is ready for light to shine again. Insights such as those provided by Moses begin to light a few candles, piercing the darkness and announcing that a new era of healing is coming. So, do feel free to share these thoughts with others–not like an unthinking night nurse throwing on all the light switches at once–but as a friend quietly lighting one candle at a time.”

A quote from Pastor John Stumbo, Salem Alliance Church (Salem, OR)

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Nashville…the journey continues

Hi ya all, I am now home and able to update my blog and post some photos. The computer in the business center wouldn’t let me upload photos! Visit my photos of Nashville and Franklin, TN at:

We left off on day 2.5, still in Nashville. What a wonderful time discovering the roots of country music, truly the music of the USA. We didn’t “import” this type of music from another country. It tells a story of the people of this country. Just spending time at the Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum gave me a real sense of country music. I must say my brief stay in Nashville was well worth the time! I am glad I took advantage of the extra time prior to the CMCA conference.

A real added treat was taking in the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. His use of such vibrant colors and large-scale pieces was more than breath-taking! Anytime I can take in a Chihuly exhibit I will!

Tuesday rolled around and time to head down to the historic town of Franklin, TN for the Christian Meetings and Conventions Association annual showcase conference. I had to be very creative in arranging transportation to Franklin as I didn’t rent a car. It was SuperShuttle back to Nashville airport where I was met by the Cool Springs Limo people for the quick trip down to Franklin. My room at the Marriott Hotel was not  ready when I arrived sothe time was spent catching up with people I see only once a year. Many of my CMCA friends commented on my weight loss – this made me feel good knowing my weight-loss efforts worked! Friends are so nice! I was soon off to do my presentation — I was asked again this year to lead the “New Planner Orientation” session. It’s so much fun to share with first-timers!

The first event of the day was spent on a walking tour of historic downtown Franklin. We left the downtown area and headed to the historic Carnton Plantation for our evening dinner and entertainment. Here is a quick history lesson for the day on the Civil War:

Beginning at 4 p.m. on November 30, 1864, Carnton was witness to one of the bloodiest battles of the entire Civil War. Everything the McGavock family ever knew was forever changed. The Confederate Army of Tennessee furiously assaulted the Federal army entrenched along the southern edge of Franklin. The resulting battle, believed to be the bloodiest five hours of the Civil War, involved a massive frontal assault larger than Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg. The majority of the combat occurred in the dark and at close quarters. The Battle of Franklin lasted barely five hours and led to some 9,500 soldiers being killed, wounded, captured, or counted as missing. Nearly 7,000 of that number were Confederate troops. Carnton served as the largest field hospital in the area for hundreds of wounded and dying Confederate soldiers.

A staff officer later wrote that “the wounded, in hundreds, were brought to [the house] during the battle, and all the night after. And when the noble old house could hold no more, the yard was appropriated until the wounded and dead filled that….”

On the morning of December 1, 1864 the bodies of four Confederate generals killed during the fighting, Patrick R. Cleburne, Hiram B. Granbury, John Adams, and Otho F. Strahl, lay on Carnton’s back porch. The floors of the restored home are still stained with the blood of the men who were treated here.

In early 1866, John and Carrie McGavock designated two acres of land adjacent to their family cemetery as a final burial place for nearly 1,500 Confederate soldiers killed during the Battle of Franklin. The McGavocks maintained the cemetery until their respective deaths.

Today, the McGavock Confederate Cemetery is a lasting memorial honoring those fallen soldiers and the Battle of Franklin. It is the largest privately owned military cemetery in the nation.

Wednesday was a full day of educational sessions, a wonderful trade show and appointments with suppliers. There is never enough time to take in the trade show! It was time for lunch and today we would be on our own in downtown Franklin, where we could shop, spend money and eat!

The evening dinner and entertainment was held at “The Factory at Franklin” – a restored factory. The entertainment was provided by Christian comedian “Sistah Willile Ruth Johnson”, and Kirk Whalum.

Thursday was another full day of taking in the trade show and appointments with the suppliers, and many great educational sessions. I skipped one session and went and worked out in the hotel fitness center, something that I had not done for several days! Needless to say it felt good! The evening dinner was held at Green’s Grocery in the quaint southern town of Leiper’s Fork, TN. Great southern food, great Tennessee music rounded out the evening, our last as a group of friends.

Perhaps the best moments of the conference come at the end of the day in the prayer time and the gathering in the hospitality suite to unwind and relax among great friends.

This was a wonderful week for me, I came away spiritually renewed and with  some possible sites for a board meeting in 2011/2012 for the non-profit Christian conference board I am on. It also means getting down to work on the 2010 board meeting and getting the many details worked out.

Be Blessed!


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Nashville, Day 2.5

Well, the day was spent seeing some fabulous Nashville attractions. This morning was the historic Ryman Auditorium (posted in Day 2). Later I made my way to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Country Music Walk of Fame (similar to the Hollywood walk of fame). The Country Music Hall of Fame was a spectacular showcase of country music. I’ve realized that country music is America’s music, it didn’t come from another country. It’s who we are as Americans. The many, many country music stars are showcased in this museum, along with hundreds if not thousands of artifacts, including Elivs’ gold Cadillac! Lots of video clips from performances. The museum showcases the cultural significance of the music and lasting achievements of those who have shaped it.

Next, it was off to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit. This vibrant use of color showcases works from Mr. Chihuly’s well-known series Macchia, Ikebana, Persians, and the stunning Mille Fiore. It’s incredible to see such vivid colors! If you’ve never seen a Chihuly exhibit, you are missing something! They are spectacular!

Today was a great time for me to explore a wonderful southern city. It was great that my hotel was within walking distance of everything! Even the beautiful state capitol building! I would upload photos but the business center computer at the hotel won’t let me!

More to come! It’s off to Franklin, TN tomorrow for the Christian Meetings and Conventions Association conference!


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Nashville, Day 2

Well, it’s day two in Music City. It is noon and the temperature is already a “cool” 90 degrees! The humidity is around 80%! Far from the heat of the Arizona desert!

This morning I went to the historic Ryman Auditorium and took the tour. It was one of those “wow” experiences – just sitting in the audience (pews, the building was once a church) realizing what artists have performed here. I even had my picture taken in the “circle”, where the artists stood and sang. It was incredible to experience a wonderful part of history!

Another “wow” experience was wandering into the historic Union Station Hotel, once a major rail transportation hub in Nashville. Now a grand hotel!

Of course I have taken in a bunch of the tourist shops and even bought a couple trinkets! There’s more to come but I decided to take a cool-off break at the Nashville Visitor’s Center. The were kind to offer me use of the visitor computer!

More to come from Nashville! So much to see!

Yee Haw Ya All,



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Nashville, Day 1

It is day one in Music City USA – aka “Nashville”. Why am I here? Not to learn how to yee haw it up – just a couple days fun and play before I head down to Franklin, TN for the Christian Meeting Planners spring showcase conference. I decided to come in a few days early to see what Nashville has to offer – arriving at the hotel from the airport around 4 pm – and totally whipped from being up west coast time at 3:30 am – I changed clothes and headed out to see what Nashville has to offer. The Double Tree Hotel is in the heart of downtown and walkable to many places. Tomorrow will be serious tourist day. I would upload pictures but I don’t have my cable with me, it’s up in my room!!!!

Yee Haw Ya All!



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