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Being in “Carolina in the Morning”

I’ve arrived in North Carolina, after a long travel day. Actually it was very uneventful, very smooth flights all the way from Portland to Atlanta and on to Asheville. Thank you Delta, for such a great experience. The onboard satellite t.v. helps pass the time away on a four-hour flight.

As of right now, Sunday morning, I haven’t had much time to experience Asheville. Later, in a few hours, I’m heading over to Biltmore Village, just blocks from the hotel. I’m planning on heading over to the downtown area of Asheville, a good mile walk which I’m up for! Today’s weather is supposed to reach into the low 80’s! Woo Hoo, finally a warm weather experience!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on my blog, L-O-N-G overdue I see! I hope to post snippets of the mini-vacation along with highlights from the conference I’ll be attending later in the week. Tomorrow I’ll head over to Ridgecrest Conference Center and work with a couple of others on the conference orientation session I’ll be speaking at Tuesday afternoon. I’m attending the “Christian Meetings and Conventions Association” (CMCA) spring showcase conference. Looking at the attendee list I see several good friends will be here, some I haven’t seen for a few years!

“Nothing Could Be Finer Than To Be In Carolina In The Morning”!



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