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Life as a Runner Dude

Yes folks, you read that title correctly! I am a runner, believe it or not. A couple years ago the fitness center closed for two weeks for maintenance and I had no place to workout. That’s when the “idea” of running hit me. So, knowing the building where I work is equipped with showers and lockers, I decided to give it a try at noon time, Woo hoo, I was able to run 2.4 miles during my lunch time! What a great feeling! And, this is coming from someone who hated PE in school, and found ways to get out of it, if possible.

Well, this spring I saw a post for a 5K and 10K run, sponsored by the Christian organization, “Compassion International”. The “Run For Compassion” was my first, yes folks, very first 5K run! I didn’t care about time, I just wanted to accomplish at 5K. It was great, I met some folks from my previous church that I attended, and really had a good time.

I would post photos but they are on a jump drive and I can’t find it!

Needless to say I’m already searching out future 5K runs. No marathons….yet. This was an item my “bucket list” that I can now check off as “accomplished”. I plan to blog about bucket lists soon. Check back!

It looks like I have a new nick-name now, “runner dude”! I love my nick names! Sun Bum, Desert Dude, Beach Dude, and now Runner Dude! (I’m really wanting to be a desert dude in Arizona soon!)


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