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Life of a Gym Dude

Well now, if you have followed me on Facebook, you know I have been going to a gym for several years now. This is something I never, ever thought I would be doing — from a kid who did not like PE classes (if I was able to get out of PE I found a way) to a guy who looks forward to working out, I’m now ready for the next level of fitness. The past couple of months I have been meeting with my personal trainer at Body Renew Fitness in Salem to monitor body fat (BMI checks). Since December it has dropped by 3 points! I am pleased and my personal trainer is pleased. Trevor is very encouraging and positive, and wants to see me succeed with my goals. Next week comes a big new challenge: Work outs with free weights, core exercises, and some fat-burning and muscle-building workouts. Goal: 30 minutes, two to three times per week, working up to 45 minutes per session and four days a week. Right now I’m at that plateau one reaches when they lose weight. With this new workout plan in place I should be able to firm up the core area in a faster time period.

I continue to attend my weekly Weight Watchers meeting at work. Having an at-work meeting is ideal and gives me an accountability. Do I miss the weekly weigh-ins? No, I need only weigh in once a month, and that happens next week, which so happens to be my hour session with my trainer on the free weights and bench.

God is so good and keeps me on the straight and narrow when it comes to taking care of our bodies. Our bodies are His temples, and we are to take care of our body. I’m hoping to live a long and healthy life beyond my retirement years (when ever that happens). Just this last year my doctor took me off of cholesterol-reducing medication that I had been on for over ten years. I attribute that to loosing over 30 pounds over the past three years, working out regularly, and eating healthy. I think the reward came when I realized my slacks and jeans were all of a sudden “too big”.

BUT … the accomplishment I am most proud of was running my first 5K last summer. I trained daily for it and come race day I was ready! I wasn’t concerned about my time but the fact I ran AND finished a 5K! God is SO good. I have already made plans to run at lease one 5K this spring or summer. Check my Facebook page and/or this blog for details!

From the Gym Dude


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Life as a Dude

Right now I’m just a dude. Not a desert dude (Arizona) or beach dude (Florida). That’s fine, I like being a dude!

I’m getting back to posting on my blog, now with Wi-Fi and a laptop all set up for wireless, I can work in the house instead of my home office/studio.

My blog posts may be a rant, a rave, a blessing from a scripture, or something about life at the moment. Check back to see what this dude is blogging about. I love to write and this blog gives me that outlet.

From Dale, a Dude! Be blessed!

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