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What is Community?

This afternoon I attended a meeting/gathering of Community Group leaders from Salem Alliance Church. It served as a platform for defining what community is, a time of meeting the new Pastor’s of Community Groups, and being challenged with how our groups can impact the community. Pastor Steve Fowler gave us some incredible information and things to take back to our respective community groups. One thing that remains with me is community groups serve as a platform for discipleship, which in turn leads to disciple makers.

We were reminded of three things about discipleship that is like what Jesus did: 1) Passion for spirituality; 2) Radical community; and 3) Missional zeal. We were challenged to focus on these three items and how they can help grow our community groups.

As we concluded the session we were challenged to “articulate a cause”, find a cause or project that our community groups can use as their “missional service opportunity”. This could be a short-term project lasting three months, or something lasting perhaps a year or more. We were given some suggestions when selecting a cause or service opportunity that include 1) Who is the group; 2) what are the time requirements; 3)  what are the talents and passions within the community groups; and 4) what are the unique spiritual gifts within the community group.

As Salem Alliance Church continues to impact the community and the great Salem area, community groups will play a pivotal role in this process! I’m excited to be able to take this great new back to my group, Legacy Community Group, and see how God uses us for discipleship and outreach into the community!

Stay tuned for updates in the months to come!

Dale, the “Community Dude”

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