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What is Community?

This afternoon I attended a meeting/gathering of Community Group leaders from Salem Alliance Church. It served as a platform for defining what community is, a time of meeting the new Pastor’s of Community Groups, and being challenged with how our groups can impact the community. Pastor Steve Fowler gave us some incredible information and things to take back to our respective community groups. One thing that remains with me is community groups serve as a platform for discipleship, which in turn leads to disciple makers.

We were reminded of three things about discipleship that is like what Jesus did: 1) Passion for spirituality; 2) Radical community; and 3) Missional zeal. We were challenged to focus on these three items and how they can help grow our community groups.

As we concluded the session we were challenged to “articulate a cause”, find a cause or project that our community groups can use as their “missional service opportunity”. This could be a short-term project lasting three months, or something lasting perhaps a year or more. We were given some suggestions when selecting a cause or service opportunity that include 1) Who is the group; 2) what are the time requirements; 3)  what are the talents and passions within the community groups; and 4) what are the unique spiritual gifts within the community group.

As Salem Alliance Church continues to impact the community and the great Salem area, community groups will play a pivotal role in this process! I’m excited to be able to take this great new back to my group, Legacy Community Group, and see how God uses us for discipleship and outreach into the community!

Stay tuned for updates in the months to come!

Dale, the “Community Dude”

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If you’ve read my blog over the past few years, you no doubt have seen posts that speak about Pastor John from my church. Today’s post on John’s blog included this powerful thought. I had to share it via my blog and Facebook!

“We cannot go through a life-crisis and come out the other side unchanged. The fire will consume or refine—devour or strengthen—but it will leave its mark upon us. Adversity doesn’t have to harm us, but it must alter us. And we alone choose whether this change will be for the better or the worse.”  (A quote from Pastor John Stumbo at Salem Alliance Church, Salem, OR)

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Salem Alliance Church opens Broadway Commons!

BROADWAY COMMONS –  Grand Opening Weekend Information
Saturday/Sunday, September 11/12. The new Broadway Coffeehouse will be open throughout the weekend. This is an exciting time in our church, where commerce, community, and church come together for a common goal! A dream is realized! If you haven’t toured this facility, come join me this coming weekend!

• 5:00 pm: Worship Service
• 6:15 pm: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
• 6:30 – 8:00 pm: Free BBQ Hotdogs Available
• 6:30 – 9:00 pm: Self-guided Tours
• 7:00 pm: Warren Barfield Concert (amphitheatre)

• 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 am: Worship Services
• 9:00 am – 1:00 pm: Free Pastries Available
• 9:00 am – 1:30 pm: Self-guided Tours

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Grief is not a speed sport!

“Grief is not a speed sport. Grief must be allowed to wander around the mysterious shafts and canyons of our heart. It’s trek is usually best taken in the dark. But in time, the human heart is ready for light to shine again. Insights such as those provided by Moses begin to light a few candles, piercing the darkness and announcing that a new era of healing is coming. So, do feel free to share these thoughts with others–not like an unthinking night nurse throwing on all the light switches at once–but as a friend quietly lighting one candle at a time.”

A quote from Pastor John Stumbo, Salem Alliance Church (Salem, OR)

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“Joy, Unspeakable Joy”

“Joy, unspeakable joy,
An overflowing well,
No tongue can tell.

Joy, unspeakable joy,
Rises in my soul,
Never let me go.”

These are words from Christian recording artist Chris Tomlin, and his rendition of the Christmas carol “Joy to the World”. What powerful words – joy, unspeakable joy! defines these two words (joy and unspeakable) joy: 1.the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation. 2. a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated. 3. a state of happiness.  Unspeakable: 1. not speakable; that may not be spoken. 2. exceeding the power of speech; unutterable; inexpressible, indescribable.

Have you experienced a joy in your life? How do you explain that feeling of joy? Yes, it’s pretty hard to put into words when we’re filled with joy. As the song says “joy, unspeakable joy, no tongue can tell”. During the past few weeks I’ve experienced this incredible feeling of joy come over me as I prepared for choir and the worship services. The songs that the choir and congregation sang filled me with an incredible, unspeakable joy that was hard to explain. God had filled me, once again, with the Holy Spirit. Worshipping our God and King was indeed an incredible joy, lifting up his name. No words can really define this experience.

I hope you too can experience God’s incredible joy in the new year, through worship, through studying the Word, fellowshiping with others, etc….Coming into God’s presence is an incredible, unspeakable, indescribable experince.

May God give you the unspeakable joy in the new year! Be Blessed!


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The 12 Daily Delights

This list was distributed in my shepherding group at church this week. We’ve been doing a study of Philippians, and this list just serves as a reminder of how we need to stay connected to God. It’s a great list!

  1. Read the Bible every day
  2. Tell God “I Love You” every day
  3. Set mind on Heaven every day
  4. Pick up my cross every day
  5. Examine my life and confess sin every day
  6. Pray for a list of lost people my name, every day
  7. Ask God to meet my needs every day
  8. Ask God to protect you from the evil one every day
  9. Ask God for strength every day
  10. Ask God for Wisdom every day
  11. Confidently declare faith statements every day
  12. Read my Bible every day
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“Low Battery Warning”

imagesThis week at the fitness center, I was ready to start my workout on the treadmill, MP3 player loaded with new stuff (including this weekend’s rehearsal music for worship band), ready to roll! As soon as the player loaded, I got a warning: “Low Battery Warning”. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to listen to music but got over it. I got thinking about the situation — this would make an excellent post on my blog, which hadn’t been updated for a while! Woo Hoo! My mind went into high gear as I worked on the treadmill!

We get a “low battery warning” at times, and need our spiritual battery recharged. I’m sure many of us get this warning. Maybe we haven’t spent time in prayer, maybe we haven’t spent time in the word, maybe…maybe…maybe…I know for fact I get that “low battery warning” at times, life isn’t quite going the way it should! God is nudging me to get in the word!  Or to pray for someone He puts on my heart, or to……the list goes on! He’s sending me that “low battery warning” – renew thy self, Dale! Once I “plug in to God” and recharge spiritually, things work much better! Just like my MP3 player, once it was charged up, tada….there was music! Classical organ, jazz, contemporary Christian, hymns, and it goes on.

Once we recharge with God, surrender to Him, get in the word, worship, pray, serve, etc…we are energized, recharged, renewed, refreshed, revitalized! How great is that!

Romans 12:1-2 speaks about a renewal…”do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” WOW! All we need to do is plug into God and we’re recharged! Kinda awesome, isn’t it!

Now, go and get your “low battery” recharged people!

Be Blessed! Dale

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