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Goodbye to Scottsdale!

This is my last day in sunny and very warm Scottsdale, AZ. I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time in this desert city, exploring new places and meeting new people. This morning I have a late check-out so there is time to explore the area in and around the hotel one last time. I was close to the Scottsdale Fashion Square so an hour or two in the air conditioned mall felt good! Even some time in a gigantic Borders was fun. It was interesting to explore the local section that features books and publications on the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Heading back to the hotel I found a great gelato shop and had to stop! Several years ago I discovered the likes of gelato while in Santa Cruz, CA! If you haven’t experienced gelato you don’t know what you are missing! Google “gelato” sometime!

In just a couple hours I’ll be off to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to travel home. Even with the 100+ degree weather, I’m not ready to go home! This get-a-way has been great! I highly recommded doing a long weekend trip to someplace new! Take a good book, take your camera, and just have fun exploring a new destination! It does wonders for your mind and soul!


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Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Taliesen West”

This morning I was able to travel out to the desert setting of “Taliesen West”, the winter home and School of Architecture founded by Frank Lloyd Wright. In 1938, with the commission from his “Falling Waters” home on the east coast of $8,000, he set out to build a home and school in the desert of Arizona. The 90 minute tour provided an insight into his life and his passion for design and architecture. We were able to tour several buildings on the property, many of which were the personal residence and office of Mr. Wright and his family. Even with the 100+ degree weather, it was a pleasure to see first hand some of his designs. The bookstore was just as fascinating, full of wonder items with Frank Lloyd Wright designs. Being a shopper, I came away with several purchases!

The School of Architecture has 25 students who spend six months at Taliesen West in Scottsdale, and six months (the spring and summer) at Taliesen East in Wisconsin. Admission to the school is highly competitive! Tuition cost? $30,000 a year! Job placement rate – nearly 95% in the architectural field.

Overall, my trip to Taliesen West far exceeded my expectations! A big thanks to my cousin Ted for telling me about this place in the desert of Arizona!

Tomorrow I leave for home, but will take some great memories and pictures with me. Despite record-breaking temperatures I enjoyed this get-a-way very much. The hotel staff have been very helpful with answers to my questions, and the Scottsdale Trolley has been a great means of transportation, getting me to various places during my stay. Needless to say I plan to return again in the future!



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Another sunny day in Scottsdale, AZ

Today it reached 115 degrees! Can you believe that! Of course I was out by the pool this morning with a book and read for nearly two hours. I’m part of a study group at my church so I need to keep reading ahead for the weekly discussions.

This morning I got on the Scottsdale Trolley and headed over to the Arts Section of Scottsdale, where there are many Native American and Southwestern shops. Later in the day I found the section of town where the art galleries are located. None of them were busy and I think because of the warm weather, people were not flocking to this part of town. I made a return trip to Scottsdale Fashion Square just to stay cool and see what I missed from Friday. A couple purchases at Dillard’s and I was happy.

Tomorrow I am planning to go out to the Frank Lloyd Wright complex just north of town. This is known as Taliesen West. I will update my blog after I return from this attraction!

If you need a long weekend get-a-way, consider coming to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area! October in Arizona is also a great time to visit, and the weather is not as hot!




Sunny in Scottsdale, AZ

As I write this blog, I’m in the business center of the Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale Old Town. I decided several months ago to plan some time away from work, home, and life stuff. I picked the Phoenix and Scottsdale area because I was able to find a terrific airfare on Delta Airlines (my airline of preference) and could fly out of Salem (SLE).

If you haven’t been to the Scottsdale area you are in for a real treat, especially if you enjoy Native American arts and crafts. The area has an abundance of shops and galleries that focus on this art style. There are other shops too, don’t get me wrong!

This evening I returned from a trolley excursion (Scottsdale provides a free trolley to many of the points of interest) over to the “Scottsdale Fashion Square”, an amazingly large mall with five department stores (Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillards, Nieman-Marcus and Barney’s New York) and hundreds of speciality stores. It was getting time for dinner so I opted to find a place within the mall area. I found a terrific place called “Olive and Ivy”. The food is very upscale and excellent! When you are in the area try this place! [Note: The Dillard’s in Scottsdale is the largest in the chain!]

Right now it is close to 108 degrees outside! Lots of sunny skies! In the morning I want to spend some time out by the pool! It’s awe-inspiring to look out at the Camelback Mountains that surround Scottsdale. They do look a bit different that the mountains in the Pacific Northwest though!

More later on my Scottsdale adventure!