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Winding Down

It’s been a week now that I arrived home from Vail and that means back to the real world called life, work, etc. The week in Vail was beyond my expectations. The speakers shared with us at each meal session, and I must say they spoke directly to me where I was at in life right now. God’s promise is He is there all the time for us, we need to call on Him when we can’t handle the stuff going on in our lives.

The speaker at our closing session used Psalms 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” Then he took it and removed the last word. This is what it looked like:

  • Be still and know that I am
  • Be still and know that I
  • Be still and know that
  • Be still and know
  • Be still and
  • Be still
  • Be

We were then asked to spend a few moments by ourselves and complete each line with a word or phrase. Wow – it sure made me think about the “stuff” going on in my life! Try this little exercise and see how God is speaking to you.

photoThe week in Vail was like a bit of heaven. Nestled in the Vail Mountains one quickly realized the power of God’s creation. Not only the majestic mountains but the beautiful scenery and quietness. My hotel room was a ground level creek side room with a walk-out patio, leading down to Gore Creek. The quietness and of beauty of this area confirms God’s creation. The photo to the left is a view from my room at Vail Cascade Resort and Spa.

This Thursday was “icing on the cake” you may say, when I was able to attend a concert of The Manhattan Transfer. I’ve been a fan for 30+ years (the group has been together for 40 years) and now had the opportunity to see and hear them live! Wow, two hours of pure Manhattan Transfer, accompanied only by piano. The Transfer did a tmt-home2blend of their old and new songs, and was two hours of pure fun and inspiration!

I do hope they plan a return to the Northwest in the near future! At least I can get their latest albums and enjoy their music until they return to the Northwest!

God is Good … and there is Hope!


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Colorado Dude

photoKeeping with the “dude” theme with my blog, I will post the comings and goings in Colorado right now. Early flight from PDX to DEN, smooth and early arrival! Way to go United Airlines. That allowed me to take the 11:15 shuttle up to Vail. I know I dozed off and napped on the way up to Vail. I did manage to catch the beautiful scenery – in awe God’s creation! The resort is beautiful and my room is wonderful. I’ve posted a photo of the view from my patio.

Tomorrow morning I plan to head down to the village/downtown area and see what awaits! Then I’ll move into my role as moderator of the CMCA Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay tuned for posts!

Enjoying time away in the Colorado Rockies!

Dale – aka Colorado Dude

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Life as a Desert Dude…

It’s now been a couple weeks since I returned home from the desert, that is Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. This was a long-awaited, well planned out trip, with literally no agenda! Five days in the desert sun was great. It just so happened the Saturday I was there the region had record temperatures! It was 118 degrees in Phoenix! Of course I was out and about in Scottsdale, but spent “cool” time at Scottsdale Fashion Square people watching, keeping cool, shopping, looking for bargains, cooling off…..I did come home with some great new “skinner” clothes from a great sale at Dillard’s (please come to Oregon, Macy’s needs competition).

I spent time at the Heard Museum, home of Native American art and artifacts, and the Phoenix Art Museum. While in Scottsdale I was able to get to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and the many shops in Old Town Scottsdale.

The new Metro Light rail was great for getting around central Phoenix to downtown and on out to Tempe and Mesa.

It was great to sit outside in the mornings by the pool and read, soak up the sun and just relax! Often times when at home I don’t always find the time to just kick back and relax, at least not by a pool!

I’ve really come to love desert living and do plan on returning in the future! I’m wondering if I would enjoy living in Arizona when I retire. That’s a question I haven’t been able to answer yet. Retirement is years off yet, at least 6-8 years away.

From a tan desert dude, Dale.


Nashville, Day 2.5

Well, the day was spent seeing some fabulous Nashville attractions. This morning was the historic Ryman Auditorium (posted in Day 2). Later I made my way to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Country Music Walk of Fame (similar to the Hollywood walk of fame). The Country Music Hall of Fame was a spectacular showcase of country music. I’ve realized that country music is America’s music, it didn’t come from another country. It’s who we are as Americans. The many, many country music stars are showcased in this museum, along with hundreds if not thousands of artifacts, including Elivs’ gold Cadillac! Lots of video clips from performances. The museum showcases the cultural significance of the music and lasting achievements of those who have shaped it.

Next, it was off to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit. This vibrant use of color showcases works from Mr. Chihuly’s well-known series Macchia, Ikebana, Persians, and the stunning Mille Fiore. It’s incredible to see such vivid colors! If you’ve never seen a Chihuly exhibit, you are missing something! They are spectacular!

Today was a great time for me to explore a wonderful southern city. It was great that my hotel was within walking distance of everything! Even the beautiful state capitol building! I would upload photos but the business center computer at the hotel won’t let me!

More to come! It’s off to Franklin, TN tomorrow for the Christian Meetings and Conventions Association conference!


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Nashville, Day 2

Well, it’s day two in Music City. It is noon and the temperature is already a “cool” 90 degrees! The humidity is around 80%! Far from the heat of the Arizona desert!

This morning I went to the historic Ryman Auditorium and took the tour. It was one of those “wow” experiences – just sitting in the audience (pews, the building was once a church) realizing what artists have performed here. I even had my picture taken in the “circle”, where the artists stood and sang. It was incredible to experience a wonderful part of history!

Another “wow” experience was wandering into the historic Union Station Hotel, once a major rail transportation hub in Nashville. Now a grand hotel!

Of course I have taken in a bunch of the tourist shops and even bought a couple trinkets! There’s more to come but I decided to take a cool-off break at the Nashville Visitor’s Center. The were kind to offer me use of the visitor computer!

More to come from Nashville! So much to see!

Yee Haw Ya All,



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Nashville, Day 1

It is day one in Music City USA – aka “Nashville”. Why am I here? Not to learn how to yee haw it up – just a couple days fun and play before I head down to Franklin, TN for the Christian Meeting Planners spring showcase conference. I decided to come in a few days early to see what Nashville has to offer – arriving at the hotel from the airport around 4 pm – and totally whipped from being up west coast time at 3:30 am – I changed clothes and headed out to see what Nashville has to offer. The Double Tree Hotel is in the heart of downtown and walkable to many places. Tomorrow will be serious tourist day. I would upload pictures but I don’t have my cable with me, it’s up in my room!!!!

Yee Haw Ya All!



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Frequent Flyer & Traveler Bonuses

I recently found a web site for travelers, where you can find bargains and special offers that may not be advertised to the general public.

The link is – where you can go to a variety of airlines, hotels and other travel services and find current promotions, etc…many for their frequent flyer/hotel points program members.

Check it out and start saving today!


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