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Winding Down

It’s been a week now that I arrived home from Vail and that means back to the real world called life, work, etc. The week in Vail was beyond my expectations. The speakers shared with us at each meal session, and I must say they spoke directly to me where I was at in life right now. God’s promise is He is there all the time for us, we need to call on Him when we can’t handle the stuff going on in our lives.

The speaker at our closing session used Psalms 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” Then he took it and removed the last word. This is what it looked like:

  • Be still and know that I am
  • Be still and know that I
  • Be still and know that
  • Be still and know
  • Be still and
  • Be still
  • Be

We were then asked to spend a few moments by ourselves and complete each line with a word or phrase. Wow – it sure made me think about the “stuff” going on in my life! Try this little exercise and see how God is speaking to you.

photoThe week in Vail was like a bit of heaven. Nestled in the Vail Mountains one quickly realized the power of God’s creation. Not only the majestic mountains but the beautiful scenery and quietness. My hotel room was a ground level creek side room with a walk-out patio, leading down to Gore Creek. The quietness and of beauty of this area confirms God’s creation. The photo to the left is a view from my room at Vail Cascade Resort and Spa.

This Thursday was “icing on the cake” you may say, when I was able to attend a concert of The Manhattan Transfer. I’ve been a fan for 30+ years (the group has been together for 40 years) and now had the opportunity to see and hear them live! Wow, two hours of pure Manhattan Transfer, accompanied only by piano. The Transfer did a tmt-home2blend of their old and new songs, and was two hours of pure fun and inspiration!

I do hope they plan a return to the Northwest in the near future! At least I can get their latest albums and enjoy their music until they return to the Northwest!

God is Good … and there is Hope!


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Colorado Dude

photoKeeping with the “dude” theme with my blog, I will post the comings and goings in Colorado right now. Early flight from PDX to DEN, smooth and early arrival! Way to go United Airlines. That allowed me to take the 11:15 shuttle up to Vail. I know I dozed off and napped on the way up to Vail. I did manage to catch the beautiful scenery – in awe God’s creation! The resort is beautiful and my room is wonderful. I’ve posted a photo of the view from my patio.

Tomorrow morning I plan to head down to the village/downtown area and see what awaits! Then I’ll move into my role as moderator of the CMCA Facebook and Twitter pages. Stay tuned for posts!

Enjoying time away in the Colorado Rockies!

Dale – aka Colorado Dude

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