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Weekend in Williamsburg, VA

Once again I report “Where in the World Is Dale” — this past few days I’ve been away on a part business trip to Richmond, VA and part pleasure trip  to Williamsburg and Jamestown, VA. Friday was spent conducting board business for CMCN. Today, Saturday was spent leisurelyin Colonial Williamsburg, VA with a side trip to Jamestown. Historic, Colonial Williamsburg was incredible! The historic section of the town has been restored and gives you a feel for what life was like in Colonial times. History comes alive with shop owners dressed in authentic clothing, reminiscent of the times. The shops, both in the historial section and in “Merchant Square”, offered items that gave you a feel for early days of our country. I ask myself, what would these people think of how our country has moved forward. Technology, politically, etc….would they be ashamed, or would they be please with the way in which we’ve taken care of  the United States of America? It’s hard to tell.

I will be posting photos of my most recent jaunt! Stay tuned!


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