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Life as a Beach Dude…

Wow, it has been nearly a year since I posted on my blog. Life happens and your blog doesn’t get updated! Well, today is the day for an update.

Greetings from sunny and very warm Daytona Beach, FL! Yes, the desert dude/sun bum has become a beach dude/beach bum! I’m here for the annual spring showcase conference of Christian Meetings and Conventions Association. We’ll be based at the Hilton Resort/Daytona for the week, with events taking place in Daytona.

I arrived late last night after an all-day trek across the country via Salt Lake City and Atlanta. Today I was able to sleep in and no agenda! It’s been fun walking around the area and taking in all of the tourist shops filled with “stuff” I would never dream of bringing home! From the tacky and tasteless to the terrific, you have it all along Atlantic Avenue and the Boardwalk!

The weather is simply incredible with a high of 91 predicted for today. In Florida that also means high humidity and I’ve encountered it. I want to do a two to three mile beach run in the morning, maybe as the sun comes up over the Atlantic! It’s odd seeing the sun come up over the ocean! I’ve got an ocean view room on the 16th floor of the Hilton and it comes with an incredible view of God’s creation. I was reminded this morning He created the waters on earth. What a God, to give us an ocean and a beach where we can run, lay out and sun tan! He is good!

I’m not sure what the rest of today has coming, nor tomorrow. This is an agenda-free vacation until Tuesday evening then the conference happens and I get to see my CMCA family once again! This is truly a family reunion when we get to see each other again. I’ve taken on a new role with CMCA, that of “Social Media Director” (aka Facebook and Twitter Guru). During the course of the conference I will be “trending” with updates and live happenings, interviews with attendees, etc. I’m looking forward to being out on the trade show floor getting interviews with the planners and suppliers, trending and updating with their impressions and thoughts about the conference. If you want to follow or join us, just do a search in Facebook of “Christian Meetings and Conventions Associations”. You’ll see my posts hopefully starting Tuesday evening and throughout the week.

Well, that’s about it for today and day two in Florida. Day one really was a non-day for anything but travel, airports, travel and more airports!

More coming later!

Dale (Florida Beach Bum/Beach Dude)

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